• Linz, Austria

  • Aug 16-18 2024

FCBD® Style and Traditional Rhythms

Gudrun Herold – 17.08. – 11:15-13:15

Traditional Rhythms from Egypt, North Africa and Türkiye are the backbone of music that we dance to in FCBD® Style. Whether you dance to traditional, percussion based music, medieval, modern and pop music these rhythms are omnipresent and recognisable.
Knowing rhythms will help you to connect more easily with your music. It will help you to find “the 1”, so that you can place our FCBD® Style steps with confidence.
Gudrun will share popular slow and fast traditional rhythms. We will break them down and listen to them in traditional and other contexts, and practice dancing to them with flow and ease.

Level: beginners with some knowledge – advanced. Please bring your zills.
Laguage: English (if needed German / French)