• Linz, Austria

  • Aug 16-18 2024

FCBD® Queens Court Concept 

Melody Bustillos – 12.08.2023 – 15:45-17:30

The Queen’s Court formation enables a large group of beautiful “featured dancers” to dance together, at the same time, using in-the-round staging. This formation is a great alternative to rotating quartets, trios, and duets in and out of chorus. By engaging all the dancers in the same formation at the same time, viewers experience a magical whirlwind of colors and motion while 6-12 dancers weave, fade, and circle. 

In this workshop you will learn the rules of engagement and dynamics of the Queens Court formation. You will learn how to set up the inner/outer circle formation and how to make it work with duets and trios in the round. We will drill the formation with fast FCBD® songs and vocabulary in groups of 6 -12 dancers.