• Linz, Austria

  • Aug 16-18 2024

Musicality & Music Mapping

Julia Stoiber – 13.08.2023 – 09:15-11:00

Either for performing or for training, music mapping is a useful tool to improve your musicality and placement of steps. Although we dance an improvisational dance form, as artists we also translate the song via movement to our audience. Do you have those moments where you’re leading and you just dance whatever step comes to mind first because you’ve gone blank? Maybe you find it more difficult to hear the beat or you just want to up your game in placing ‘power’ moves well. Or you’re a teacher who wants a tool to give your students confi’dance’ when leading, then this workshop is for you. I have created a simple method to break down songs with a beat into easy components and to create a visual that you and your group can follow with ease when creating a performance piece.